Observatorio Europeo de Justicia Juvenil - OEJJ



European Juvenile Justice Observatory - EJJO

The European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO) was founded on July 13th 2008, with its headquarters for the whole of Europe in Brussels (Belgium) as a result of the conclusions reached during the 2nd International of the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) “Juvenile justice in Europe: a framework for integration” held in Brussels in October 2006.

Based on the differentiating aspects and the common points that converge on the map of all juvenile justice systems in Europe, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) promoted the creation of the European Juvenile Justice Observatory, as a positive element in the process of converging regulation and good practices in Europe.

The objective of the European Juvenile Justice Observatory is to create a European space for reflection, the development of initiatives and the establishment of codes and standards for good practices in serving  the education and integration of young Europeans in conflict with the law.

Council of Europe

The EJJO take part of the Group of Specialists on the elaboration of the Council of Europe "Guidelines on Child-friendly Justice ", the objective is to produce comprehensive guidelines on child-friendly justice, which will assist member states in ensuring that children have favourable access to justice.As a concrete tool, the guidelines should offer good practices and propose practical solutions to remedy possible lacunae.


European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO) - 50, Rue Mercelis, 1050 - Brussels - BELGIUM - Phone: 00 32 262 98890 - oejj@oejj.org